EOQ INVITES TO A WEBINAR ABOUT JUSE AND TOYOTA (TEAMs invitation will be sent separately and will also be found at www.eoq.org [1])

WHEN: October 21, 10.00-12.00 (CET)


The webinar program consists of two parts.

1. Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers, JUSE hereafter, has played a primary role in promoting quality activities in Japan for over
75 years since its establishment in 1946. Outline of various activities, including TQM and QC Circle activities born in Japan, will be introduced in addition to current challenges of how to create customer values.

2. The second part will showcase TOYOTA’S quality initiatives, which are globally considered as symbols of Japan’s quality. It begins with the progress of Toyota’s quality journey, featuring Jidoka and Toyota Production System known as TPS, leading to the current mechanism, known as JKK Ji-Kotei-Kanketsu. The program will end with Toyota’s challenges and initiatives in the era of transformation and for a sustainable society in the future.


MR. SHINICHI SASAKI has been engaged in the field of quality since joining Toyota Motor in 1970. He assumed the post of executive vice president in 2009 and took full responsibility for Toyota’s quality initiatives. JKK introduced in this program is one of his achievements currently practiced at Toyota. His activity has expanded from Toyota to Japan’s industry by serving as the President and CEO at JUSE since 2014. Currently, Mr. Sasaki is appointed as the President of IAQ:
International Academy for Quality to contribute to global quality for a sustainable society.

MR. MASATO ONODERA is currently the Executive Director and COO at JUSE, taking overall responsibility for the ISO registration center which accounts for half of JUSE’s annual revenue. He has been engaged in a part of the Quality Management Executives Forum together with Mr. Sasaki for customer value creation and will speak about the first part of this program.

If you have any questions about the webinar just let me know. Hope to see you October 21.

Best regards, Ulf Gustavsson

[1] http://www.eoq.org